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Welcome to Tournament of Knights — the one and only place to look for all your medieval-themed entertainment needs.

Fast horses, heroic Knights, trick riders, registered stunt performers, fire breathers, magicians, classically trained dancing horses, comedy, sword fighters,

Our timeless shows have something for everyone, from the pageantry and glamour of our horses and knights in spectacular full medieval costume to the merriment and revelry of the royal court, but without a doubt our productions will leave international audiences with unforgettable memories.

The Royal Joust

The Tournament of Knights team have more than 35 years’ experience working in the medieval entertainment and jousting industry. We specialise in live jousting tournaments appealing to audiences of all ages.

Our shows leave audiences spell bound through out the world and our productions are a masterpiece of unrivalled jousting and horsemanship skills.

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Medieval Banquets

The Tournament of Knights team are experienced in delivering interactive and memorable events to a wide range of clientele.

Experience the medieval banquet as a royal guest — a night in the court of the king, wassail with knights and bang the table in appreciation, enjoy a sing along with music by our minstrels, watch incredible illusions by our magician, hilarious comedy from the court jester(s) and the daring and idiotic duo that is the Brothers Grimm, all held together by a great storyline.

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Fire breathing at medieval banquet

Wedding Services

You are now planning your wedding and your imagination is running wild! A romantic location, an amazing banquet, a visually stunning knight on horseback, the most exquisite and unforgettable day you will ever host!

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Knights Jousting on horseback in pantomime show


Join us for a truly magical production of Happy Ever After, Pantomime on horseback! featuring some of the United Kingdoms most skilled horsemen and women! A truly dazzling show not to be missed!

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